United Kingdom


Organisation set up in 1997 and member of Emmaus International since 1995.

Emmaus Cambridge was the first community set up in the United Kingdom. Thirty three companions now live and work there. The group has a second-hand shop in the centre of Cambridge plus a second-hand warehouse & shop at the community’s site in Landbeach, just north of Cambridge. In 2011, Emmaus Cambridge organised the first ever international sale in the UK. Fourteen UK communities took part as did several Dutch and Italian groups. The community’s Landbeach warehouse & shop also has a café, where companions prepare and sell a variety of cheap and cheerful soups, sandwiches and cakes. After shopping, customers can enjoy a bite to eat while leafing through a book selected from the café’s bookshelves. Emmaus Cambridge pays close attention to the companions’ development in the community and their wellbeing. The community runs regular companion exchanges with Dutch and German groups. Lastly, Emmaus Cambridge also gives talks to share its experience of community life with primary and secondary schools, local community groups and other Emmaus communities, etc.

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