Emmaus International is a movement that gathers people together who may, or may not, have experienced exclusion first-hand. Together, they formulate responses to situations of injustice. Organised into 425 groups across 41 countries, its members work to offer a dignified welcome and decent work so that everyone is able to find their place in society.

Wherever possible, these organisations make a living by salvaging, recycling and reusing items. This activity, which is accessible to most people, allows many people to regain their dignity through work, while generating an income that allows the Emmaus groups to be financially self-sufficient and share with others, in the spirit of solidarity. As it has grown, members have developed initiatives on access to health, water, education and housing, and have expanded their recycling practices to include a range of activities that combat the degradation of our environment. 

Emmaus International is aware that action alone is not enough to bring about a fair, supportive and sustainable world, and therefore it campaigns to challenge decision-makers based on its experience and in-depth analysis of the causes of poverty. Since 2016, these campaigns have been structured around three major struggles : 

As Abbé Pierre’s sole legatee, Emmaus International is also responsible for protecting and keeping alive Abbé Pierre’s legacy and the struggles he tirelessly led throughout his life.

” The Emmaus movement, at its fundamental core, is about people coming together and, on witnessing the suffering of others, deciding to join forces. “

Abbé Pierre – Faims et soifs des Hommes, editorial “Pluralism and Unity” – Faims & Soifs no. 8 – Summer 1970
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