Recognised as a defender of the excluded and the most vulnerable, Abbé Pierre was above all a free man. His life bears witness to an extraordinary journey, an unfailing commitment to the dignity of each person and the quest for justice and peace.  

As a key figure in the 20th century, Abbé Pierre fought for every cause whenever he considered humanity to be in danger: housing, hunger, work, health care, education. Whether in the French Resistance or in his final struggle to help undocumented migrants, Abbé Pierre’s commitment was the product of his will and ability to put his words into action, fighting for the truth and seeking to unsettle the powerful of this world. His greatest strength was knowing how to transform his outrage into an uprising.  

As a true symbol of solidarity in France, and a figurehead for community activists around the world, Abbé Pierre gave hope to hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world.  

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” Abbé Pierre will go down in History because of his extraordinary life and, although he´s no longer with us, he left us two legacies. Emmaus, of course, which […] is continuing his work and is still growing… And his message that remains more relevant than ever. “

Jean Rousseau, Chair of Emmaus International (2007-2016)
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