Sharing and solidarity that the movement wants to promote at global level involves defining and coordinating international solidarity initiatives in order to enable all groups worldwide to have the means to lead their struggles. 

By virtue of this solidarity, each member organisation of Emmaus International is asked by the “Emmaus principles and membership charter” to “give human, material and financial support, and to participate in common initiatives, according to ability at local, national, regional and international levels.” Therefore, they participate in international solidarity through the creation of shared funds redistributed according to a participatory and transparent system within the movement. 

In 2007, the World Assembly in Sarajevo confirmed that it was “the duty of all the Emmaus International member groups to carry out an annual solidarity sale, in a week in June and transfer all of the takings to Emmaus International for the movement´s solidarity actions”. This annual sale is the principal income for the movement’s solidarity programmes, coordinated by Emmaus International, namely: the annual solidarity programme, the container programme, the housing programme funded by a contribution from the Abbé Pierre Foundation, the collective programmes and emergencies. 

In addition to the annual sales, some groups in the movement make further contributions to specific actions. These mutual funds are divided into four restricted funds: support for groups and regions, access to rights, advocacy work and campaigns, and lastly, support for alliances. They form a robust financial basis for Emmaus International to develop and lead its struggles and initiatives autonomously.

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