Emmaus International´s activities are also supported by salaried teams. An international secretariat and regional secretariats in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe assist with the implementation of the elected members´ guidelines and decisions. 

Emmaus International Secretariat  

Based in Montreuil, France, the Emmaus International Secretariat is made up of some twenty employees, who report to the Executive Committee and are managed by a Chief Executive. 

Emmaus International Secretariat’s main missions are to support the movement’s elected members in coordinating the network of member organisations, the solidarity actions between the groups, political lobbying, communication, managing Abbé Pierre’s and the movement’s archives, preserving and disseminating this heritage and, of course, general administration for the running of the movement, which includes producing documents in three languages and making the logistical arrangements for international meetings.

Would you like to join the team at Emmaus International Secretariat? 

Phone:+33 (0)1 41 58 25 50
ail: contact@emmaus-international.org

Emmaus International Secretariat

Regional secretariats 

The regional secretariats are salaried teams of one to four employees who support the activities of the organisations in their respective regions and the implementation of the decisions of the regional assembly. 

Would you like to join a regional secretariat?

Emmaus Africa (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) 

Phone: + 226 25 34 49 61
Mail: assoemmaus.afrique@fasonet.bf 

Emmaus Americas (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Phone: +598 24 08 85 32 
Mail: secretariaemausamerica@gmail.com  

Emmaus Asia  (Puducherry, India)

Phone: + 91 94426 17266
Mail: emmausasia@gmail.com  

Emmaus Europe (Montreuil, France)

Phone: + 33 (0)1 41 58 25 70 
Mail: contact@emmaus-europe.org