A ‘recycling cafe' in Finland!

A ‘recycling cafe' in Finland!

In Finland, the association Emmaüs Åland is constantly coming up with new ideas for recycling and creating jobs. That’s what gave rise to this solidarity cafe, which enables both recovered food to be recycled and people who’ve been unemployed for a long time to get back into the swing of working life.

In this northern Emmaus organisation, situated halfway between Finland and Sweden at the heart of the Åland Islands, around a hundred volunteers are constantly coming up with new alternatives to create jobs and train people estranged from the labour market.

They launched their latest innovation a few weeks ago: a ‘recycling cafe’ whose work revolves around the principle of solidarity. The project has got ten people involved, providing them with cooking and waitering training in a cooperative and professional environment. And the cherry on the cake is that all the meals are prepared with either organic products or surplus food recovered from local supermarkets.

It fully embodies the ethos of Emmaus, serving delicious and ethical food whilst restoring people’s dignity through their work!