Organisation set up in 1972 and member of Emmaus International since 2001.

After a massacre perpetrated by the Pakistani army in 1971, "The Swallows", a Swedish organisation, came to the aid of the people of Thanapara. The wave of solidarity was long-lasting and, in 1999, Thanapara Swallows Development Society was set up as an independent organisation. Since then, the group has been seeking to establish a democratic society by improving poor people’s socio-economic conditions.

Handicraft is Thanapara’s main area of activity. 250 women make items such as covers, bags and clothing, which are sold in Japan and Europe. This work enables them to gain a certain level of independence. Using income from this activity, the group is able to receive up to 600 children in its schools. Three thousand people also benefit from microcredit granted by Thanapara, which they use for farming and fish farming. The group is also involved in the areas of organic farming, access to healthcare, tackling domestic violence and pollution of water by arsenic.

Empowering poor and underprivileged population by eradicating illiteracy, creating health awareness and self-employment, raising awareness among the landless farmers for the rights of land.

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