Pollee Unnyon Prokolpo (A Rural Development Project) was founded by some social-minded people’s initiative in 1986, as a non-government and non-profit organization. The organization has been working for the betterment of the most vulnerable part of the community especially deprive & destitute women by providing various handicraft skill development training thereafter accumulating them with its own producer’s group to involve with production. Then the organization has been marketing their products which providing them income opportunity as well as generating revenue for the organization.

Traditionally there is a male dominated society in Bangladesh, where women are deprived in every aspect. Considering the situation from the beginning Pollee Unnyon Prokolpo starts to work with the women to make them resourceful, empower and self-confident along with establishing their rights and justice in the family as well as in the society. PUP believes that it is possible to bring positive changes for them by raising consciousness on various right based socio-cultural issues, Capacity building training and providing income opportunities etc.

The organization is encouraging rural and urban Youths to become volunteer activists, hence has been providing various awareness, advocacy and leadership development training to equip them with adequate information and knowledge.

Alongside, since the very beginning, PUP has been affiliating itself with various national and international platforms of environmental justice movement and working with them collectively to reduce environmental pollution and damages of the overall ecosystem to make the earth a better living place for all creatures.

The Organization has been playing a leading role of GO-NGO linkage & relation building, NGO-NGO networking & alliancing in its coverage area in order to build a cooperative relationship between them for collective efforts in development process. Relief works by organizationally and collectively during natural disasters & humanitarian catastrophe is one of the prime activities for the organization.


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