Member organisation of Emmaus International since 2010.

At Oselya, a group in Lviv in western Ukraine, the companions carry out the usual activities of Emmaus communities in the group’s two second-hand shops and furniture workshop. The community has six clothing containers in different locations in Lviv city.

All new companions to the community have to follow three-month training courses, one of which is about the history of Emmaus. Oselya uses its income to carry out social welfare action. Indeed since 2008, the group has been running the only day care centre in Lviv. Homeless people can eat, shower and wash their clothes there. They also sell a street newspaper in the street. Every week, the companions make meals for 100 rough sleepers. In winter companions do the rounds to help rough sleepers, and For Christmas and Easter Oselya invites 400 homeless people for a holiday meal. In 2012 Oselya opened a hostel to provide former companions with social housing.

Lastly, the group offers its companions training, is on the city of Lviv and the region’s homelessness committee, provides legal assistance and offers therapy to combat addiction problems.