Organisation created in 1978 and member of Emmaus International since 1983.

GTU is a small Danish group that has never had the logistical wherewithal needed to carry out the activities of a traditional Emmaus community. The group sells handicraft goods produced by the Amataltal Cooperative, located in Niger, and the Emmaus organisations, Pag-la-Yiri in Burkina Faso, AFA in Benin, MARS in Togo and CPSS in Cameroon.

GTU also publishes a 16-page newspaper, four times a year, providing information about Emmaus and development initiatives, particularly in French-speaking West African countries. The group also participates in public debates by contributing to a Danish blog and social networks and by providing visitors with information at its handicraft exhibitions.

GTU has been working with the Amataltal Cooperative since 1995, sending parcels of clothing and school equipment and financing development initiatives.