Organisation set up in 2011 and member of Emmaus International since 2017.

Amicii Emmaus in Târgu Jiu was created in 2011 thanks to the partnership between Emmaus Forbach, France, and the 'Our Children from Elsewhere' association in Târgu Jiu. Amicii Emmaus collects and sells on second-hand objects. The association sells material which was been brought in by partner associations in its 700m² sales room. The group also receives clothes from 4 clothing containers in the city centre, a fifth of this clothing is sold on and the rest of it is given to about 20 families that the group is in touch with.

Amicii Emmaus provides financial support for the children’s house (managed by the 'Our Children from Elsewhere' association), for children who have been put into homes by the local authorities. Amicii Emmaus has created a company to start economic activities in the sectors of food and clothing.