Emmaus San Vicente La Paz provides a place to live and work for around ten companions. The community collects, refurbishes and sells clothing and items in its second-hand shop. To do this, the community has set up three workshops for carpentry and electronics work and for refrigerator and stove repairs. By running these activities, the community has been able to open up a library and buy books.

Fun and creative workshops for children have also been running every Saturday afternoon since 2010. The children make items out of recycled materials, not only developing their creative skills but also raising their awareness about separating waste. In 2008, the community lost their second-hand shop because of a landslide. However they received support from Emmaus International so they could move to the city of El Alto.

Lastly, the community also donates clothing and food to people suffering from alcoholism, people in hospital and to the area’s poorest.