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Emmaus Americas is the decentralised organisation of Emmaus International on this continent. As such, it works in line with Emmaus International's guidelines and requirements as defined by the Universal Manifesto, the statutes and other founding documents.

Since 2007, the date of its constitutive general assembly, it has united Emmaus organisations in North and South America and undertaken to ensure that the international decisions are implemented, taking into consideration the context, reality and interests of the region. As a regional organisation, Emmaus Americas' mission is to coordinate the region's organisations and organise the pooling of resources and solidarity between its groups. It must also safeguard the Emmaus movement’s identity on the continent and ensure that its members’ activities are in line with the movement’s values. The Americas region pays particular attention to the training and education of all members of its organisations in order to optimise their work and social commitment.

Today, the Americas region has 39 Emmaus groups (including 3 trial members) in 9 countries. It is the oldest and principal location of Emmaus groups outside of Europe.

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