Organisation set up in 1996 and member of Emmaus International since 1998.

Emmaus Rome was established in 1996 following an international volunteering camp. At the outset, the five people who made up the group lived in the Basilica of San Paolo in Rome, which was made available to them by the church. They used the Basilica as a base for doing their recycling work. Today, the 23 Emmaus Rome companions live on two sites: one is located in the city centre and the other in Zagarolo (since 2011), about 30km from the capital. Supported by 18 volunteers, on each of the sites the companions do traditional Emmaus community work - collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling donated goods at affordable prices. The group has two shops – one in Rome and one in Zagarolo – in which it sells these goods. Finally, once a week, the companions who live in Rome benefit from legal aid provided by the Street Lawyers organisation.

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