Emmaus Lublin is a community where companions live and work. It is made up of 3 organisations – the Emmaus community, the 'Among Us' foundation, and the Emmaus cooperative. Thirty three companions live at the community on the three different sites. Together, they carry out the usual work of Emmaus communities of collecting, sorting through, repairing and selling goods at low prices at two different second-hand shops. Every Sunday, they serve 50 to 100 hot meals to homeless people in Lublin. The 'Among Us' foundation is a specialist medical centre which runs therapeutic workshops for 36 disabled people. With the support of other Emmaus organisations, in 2013 the community was able to buy a bus, which it uses to provide transport for disabled people living on their own. Lastly, the Emmaus cooperative is devoted to wooden furniture production, retail and services. People working there receive training, helping them to integrate in to society.