The name "Emmaus Igualdade no Brasil" (Emmaus Equality in Brazil) came from father Henri-Marie Le Boursicaud, who spread the Emmaus message to Cachoeira Paulista (Brazil). It was a nod to his former group, Emmaus Liberté Charenton (Emmaus Liberty in Charenton).

Emmaus Igualdade no Brasil is home to about twenty formerly homeless men who have experienced a range of problems (such as alcoholism or drug addiction) and who, through the community, have found work and a place in society. The community works alongside the Brazilian healthcare system to ensure that these man have access to the medical and psychological support they need. In addition to these companions, there are 8-15 other vulnerable people who, although they don't live within the community, take part in the organisation's activities.

The community collects used goods, restores them and sells them in one of its two shops. Companions also collect recyclable material, in order to sell it on to recycling companies, and flowers. Finally, time is set aside for spiritual reflection every morning and training workshops on the Emmaus movement take place every Wednesday.