United Kingdom


Organisation set up in 2000 and member of Emmaus International since 2007.

Emmaus Bolton was founded in 2000 and in 2005 the community bought an old building that the companions renovated themselves. The building – Derby Barracks – is a former territorial army barracks and is now home to the group’s 22 companions. In the first second-hand shop located close to Derby Barracks, the companions do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling donated goods at affordable prices. Emmaus Bolton runs two other second-hand stores, including Merry-Go-Round, which specialises in collecting and selling goods for children (clothing, toys, pushchairs, children's cars etc). The group also sorts and recycles cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, ink cartridges and mobile phones. Finally, companions wishing to enhance their vocational skills can take part in training arranged by Emmaus Bolton.

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