[Statement from Emmaus Africa] Hunting black Africans in Tunisia

[Statement from Emmaus Africa] Hunting black Africans in Tunisia

Statement from Emmaus Africa

For several weeks now, there has been a hunt for black Africans on Tunisian territory. Beyond social networks which are used as channels to depreciate the black skin, the vilification of sub-Saharans is also fed and maintained by the Tunisian high political class (the authority that is supposed to protect foreigners) as shown by February 21, 2023 release of the Tunisian president, Kaïs Saïd on illegal immigration.

Indeed, he considers that the illicit immigration of Africans is a “criminal enterprise hatched at the dawn of this century to change the demographic composition of Tunisia, to transform it typically into an African country, and to put an end to its Arab-Muslim character“. It is important to point out this amalgam that has marked the history of black Africans (South of the Sahara) and white Africans (Maghreb) since the dawn of time.

How can an African country be transformed into an African country? In short, there is no need to try to provide an answer to this question at this stage. In the following days of this anti-migratory and xenophobic speech, persecutions against sub-Saharans have intensified; Tunisians (apart from human rights groups), the security forces are acting with their faces uncovered… For a country that is a signatory of international conventions on immigration, it is unbelievable to hear such hateful words coming from the president of the republic, which incite to violence.

People must fight, stand up against these barbaric behaviours, free themselves from the yoke of totalitarian regimes or regimes that work to return to those dismal times that do not honour our values within the Emmaus Movement. We disapprove, reject and vehemently proscribe such speeches from wherever they come from & we side with our brothers who are currently suffering martyrdom in Tunisia (rape, discrimination, …) and we provide them with all our moral support.

The freedom of movement is one of our cherished values! Our indignation must keep us constantly alert! Let the struggle continue in favour of the weakest!

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