Organisation set up in 1980 and member of Emmaus International since 1991.

VCDS’s main activity is supporting the untouchables, a social group that is still marginalised despite the abolition of the cast system in 1950. The group puts on teacher-led sessions to help children with their homework, two and a half hours a day. Young adults can gain diplomas by attending workshops on sewing, computing and farming, opening up their possibilities of finding work.

VCDS also campaigns for women’s rights and for improvements in their financial status. That’s how 280 women have had houses built for them by the government and 16 have been elected onto municipal councils. VCDS also supports sustainable farming with its 4.5 hectare farm and training.

Lastly, the group offers legal aid to women, informs workers subjugated by their employers, supports disabled children and informs voters about their rights.