Bosnia and Herzegovina


Organisation set up in 1999 and member of Emmaus International since 2003.

In 1999, when Bosnia and Herzegovina was in the grip of war, of which civilians were the main victims, Emmaus International set up a temporary camp, which later became permanent. Since 2005 the refugees have been re-housed, and the building is now used to accommodate over 400 people in difficulty or with a disability.
They live on site and have access to a medical service and social welfare assistance. They also take part in agricultural activities and artisanal production (cheese, bread and jam-making, etc.).

At the site in Srebrenica, camps for young people from around the world have been run every year since 2006. A civil service centre was built there and since 2009 a variety of activities have been run with the young volunteers: humanitarian activities (distribution of food and clothes, etc.), accommodation for children during the school year in the centre in Srebrenica, a Day Centre for children and food aid for school children in the regions of Poto?ari and Pale.

IFS has three offices (Doboj Istok, Srebrenica and Sarajevo) and each of them has its own field of work.

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