Member organisation of Emmaus International since 1988.

The Emmaus Villafranca community began to take shape in 1985, following an international work camp. Today, led by Renzo Fior, former Chair of Emmaus International (1999-2007), the community is made up of 30 companions who do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and selling second-hand goods at low prices. In addition, Emmaus Villafranca recycles cardboard, glass, wood and metal. Companions also look after an organic vegetable patch, which provides some of their food. As for other areas of activity, in 1990, Emmaus Villafranca helped to establish local cooperative SOS Casa, which helps vulnerable people with access to housing. In 1993, the group was also involved in establishing cooperative Buona Terra, which promotes fair trade. Finally, Emmaus Villafranca supports various solidarity initiatives and has raised funds for the access to water project at Lake Nokoué.

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