A living community as well as a working community, Emmaus Pereira was established in 1995 with the support of Emmaus Buenaventura (Colombia). Using their two vans, companions collect recyclable materials and second-hand goods from private companies and the streets of Pereira, a city of 500,000 inhabitants. The group's painting and woodwork workshops allow them to upcycle the goods before reselling them. Emmaus Pereira also builds small items of furniture to sell alongside these second-hand goods.

The funds raised from these activities allow the community to support itself, growing its own fruit and vegetables and raising rabbits, chickens and pigs. In addition, companions have installed a system for collecting rainwater, which supplies the community. Emmaus Pereira also undertakes work in the local community, offers craft courses to women working as prostitutes, organizes art workshops for the local youth and provides a weekly meal for the least privileged.