United Kingdom


Located in London, Emmaus Lambeth comprises two communities where 54 companions live and work, carrying out the traditional activities of Emmaus communities: collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices. The group has six second-hand shops, the most recent of which, the Brixton Shop, opened in 2013 in order to meet increasing demand. In April 2013, Emmaus Lambeth set up a partnership with Lambeth Local Authority, the aim being for people with limited financial means to benefit from receiving material donations from the community, rather than receiving welfare from the local authorities. Also in partnership with the Local Authority, Emmaus Lambeth does painting work around the town. The people who carry out these tasks have often been marginalised. Through their work, they gain in self-esteem and increase their chances of reintegrating society and the workforce. Lastly, every day the group also helps prepare 25 meals at a day centre.