The Emmaus Geneva community is spread across three sites: one which provides housing for 30 companions, one which provides shelter for 10 women, and two second-hand shops. The community has 6 vans which are used by companions to collect furniture and textiles, which are then sold on in the second-hand shops, visited by 200 people a day. The Emmaus Geneva community also has 1 van which is used for deliveries and 2 more which are used to collect bulky items, scrap metal, paper and glass. The group also collects second-hand clothing from the 210 clothes collection points provided by Geneva city council, which claims 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these items. Furthermore, the group works to make it possible for companions from other countries to return to their own countries by funding projects there, with the help of the Red Cross. Finally, to help companions integrate into Swiss society, the group arranges for them to have French lessons, delivered by a specialist teacher.