United Kingdom


Organisation set up in 1995 and member of Emmaus International since 2000.

Brighton and Hove is the largest community in the UK with 48 men and women living and working there. As well as selling second-hand goods, the group also sells upcycled items made by volunteers of the Goodwill Co-op. A variety of vintage items are also sold at the Emporium, an old chapel located at the community. The Greenhouse is a garden shop which sells plants, garden furniture, books and tools.

Companions also tend a garden growing plants, vegetables and salad crops which they sell at low prices and use in the kitchens. The community has a café, Revive@Emmaus, where companions prepare breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes. Customers can enjoy delicious homemade food and make the most of the gardens tended to by the companions. Lastly, companions also get the chance to receive training for example, health and safety, food hygiene, and manual handling, as well as having the opportunity to attend college courses.

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