Emmaus Bilbao helps people who are shut out, or who risk being shut out, of the job market to find work. To do this, the group runs 6 second-hand goods shops in the Bay of Biscay, in the Basque Country, which sell Fair Trade products, as well as goods which have been donated to or collected by the group.

To raise awareness of sustainable development, the group has set up a bicycle hire service in Lejona, to the north of Bilbao, which has also allowed them to create environmentally-friendly jobs for people who might otherwise be unemployed. Furthermore, since 2012, Emmaus Bilbao has been involved in the "Bioeskola BBK" center, in collaboration with other local organizations.

This center provides training on organic farming and has a small organic farm. 20 people who might otherwise be unemployed work there, producing organic fruit and vegetables, which are sold in mixed boxes every week. Finally, the group offers domestic and business cleaning services.

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