The Cuna Nazareth group's main area of activity is education: for 52 years, the nursery school has been educating 130 children, aged 1-5, from single-parent or underprivileged families.

In the morning, the children take part in traditional lessons, delivered by primary school teachers. The afternoon is spent in sports, art and IT workshops. The children are given three meals a day.

To make it easier for the children to learn, a counselling service has been set up, as well as social services to support the parents, who are very much involved in school life. Indeed, they take part in the art workshops and help to organise special events.

As for other areas of activity, in 2007, the group started to sell second-hand goods, collecting unwanted goods from the streets of Lima. Five people are employed in this way and the goods are sold at three shops.

Finally, four teachers lead practical workshops, teaching skills such as woodwork, soldering and gardening. This provides useful training for young people and gives a new lease of life to the second-hand goods.