Organisation set up in 1995 and member of Emmaus International since 1996.

Friends of Emmaus Piadena began as a group of friends who, in 2001, created a live-in community in Canove de' Biazzi. Today, the community, which celebrated its 20th birthday in 2014, is made up of 18 companions and 36 volunteers. Companions do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling second-hand goods at low prices in their 2 shops (in the community and in Piadena). Volunteers, meanwhile, help to collect second-hand goods, manage the shops, contribute to community life and raise awareness. Furthermore, Friends of Emmaus Piadena regularly collaborates with other organisations working to promote human rights and dignity. Finally, the group supports the access to water at Lake Nokoué project and the Emmaus community in Pahou (Benin) in both financial and practical terms.