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  • First organisation 1959
  • Member organisations 3
  • Trial members 0

In Vivegnis, in the suburbs of Liège, William Wauters and his friends began taking action in 1949 to bring relief to the poor in the post-war period. They renovated slums, distributed coal, supplies and clothing. That’s how the future Emmaus-Brasier community first got off the ground. In 1960, the Belgian economy recovered and the population’s day-to-day situation improved.  The community fo-cused on providing aid to "Third World” countries and then set up “Group Earth” – income-generating projects helping to lastingly improve the living conditions of local populations. Ea The group later left Emmaus in the 1990s.
The Emmaus Brussels community was set up in 1957. Following the death of the community’s leader and at the request of Abbé Pierre, the Poudrière community became a member of Emmaus again at the end of the 1970s.

Member organisations