The movement is governed by elected members with responsibilities at international level (Board, Executive Committee) and at regional level in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The regions are all well represented in each of the governing bodies. 


The Board meets twice a year, bringing together the Chair and the twenty-four Emmaus International Board members, who are elected by the four regions. Africa, Asia and the Americas each have four representatives and Europe has twelve.  The Board applies the strategic guidelines set out by the World Assembly and leads and generates debate about the movement´s objectives – activism, solidarity, communication, training, Abbé Pierre and Emmaus International´s heritage – and about the movement´s resources.

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Executive Committee 

As well as the Chair, between five to seven Emmaus International Board members are elected by the Board to be members of the Executive Committee (the equivalent to a ‘Bureau’ for French organisations). The committee meets once every two months or so and is commissioned by the Board to manage Emmaus International´s daily affairs. In addition to these meetings, videoconferences are also organised regarding issues affecting the movement.

Regional boards 

Every Emmaus region (Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe) has its own regional board. It´s made up of national delegates and elected members of the region who are on the Emmaus International Board. It has the same powers as the Board, but at regional level. 

Regional executive committees 

Each Emmaus region (the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe) has an executive committee made up of four to six elected members. It has the same powers as the Executive Committee, but at regional level.