Burkina Faso


Benebnooma joined Emmaus International in 1997 after a decisive meeting with the movement’s former chair, Franco Bettoli.

Benebnooma is a pioneering group that focuses mainly on education. Altogether, every year more than 400 pupils attend the group’s nursery, primary and secondary school and its vocation training centre. Unlike any other organisation in the region, deaf children have also been accepted into four classes since 2010.

These activities are financed thanks to tours by percussion troupe, Saaba, set up in 1982, an Abbé Pierre accommodation centre, an affordable garage and a second-hand shop. Since 1994, Radio Palabre, the first community radio station in Burkina Faso, has been raising awareness about issues related to health, education and farming.

Lastly, the group is also behind one of West Africa’s most well-known music festivals – the Koudougou Atypical Nights Festival.