Coalition Solidarité Brésil [Brazil Solidarity Coalition] was created following the election of Jair Bolsonaro. It comprises some fifteen French international solidarity organisations with partners in Brazil, who have raised the alarm regarding the future of democracy and human rights in Brazil. It aims to provide a place for rights defenders to meet, discuss and share experiences of defending democracy in Brazil.

In 2019, the coalition carried out its first awareness-raising campaigns in France on the social situation in Brazil.

In January 2020, it launched a collective campaign entitled "Brazil resists, fighting is not a crime". This campaign consists of two main actions:

1. The publication of a warning barometer on the human rights situation in Brazil.

2. The broadcasting of video interviews with Brazilian partners: Indigenous leaders, women's rights defenders, members of the LGBTQI community, representatives of peasant and housing organisations, etc.

New editions of the barometer are regularly published and the coalition has since developed other initiatives, co-constructed with Brazilian civil society, all of which you can find on the campaign website.


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