Emmaus International

thumb Maldonado MOMO MOVIL

Indígenas s/n
entre M. Moleras y Cimarrón
Maldonado Nuevo

+598 42 25 05 37
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The 12 companions at Emmaus Maldonado make over 10 collection sa day to supply their second-hand shop. They collect furniture, domestic appliances, clothing and metals they refurbish in their carpentry and electricity repairs workshop. Occasionally, the community runs special sales and exhibitions to showcase salvaged antique items.

The income is used to run the community and enable Emmaus Maldonado to implement social initiatives. Children, teenagers and adults can take part in educational workshops on art and recycling, electricity, etc. The community also organises information sessions on health and popular and social education.

In addition, Emmaus Maldonado donates furniture and clothing every month from its second-hand shop to people living in extreme poverty. The community is also involved in the preparations for the town’s carnival by making costumes and floats.

Key figures


  • 12 companions
  • more than 10 collections made every day
Areas of activity


  • Recycling/reuse
  • Éducation




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thumb Maldonado MOMO MOVIL  
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