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Av. la Unión 996
P.J. Mariano Melgar
Villa María del Triunfo
Lima 9

+51 1 496 0118
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Emmaus Solidaridad y Apoyo was created in November 2000 by a small group of people who were worried by the high rate of unemployment and the extreme poverty in certain parts of Lima. The group began operating with the help of eight young volunteers who were familiar with Emmaus’s national and international work.

Since its inception, the association has taken inspiration from the ideals of Abbé Pierre, and it operates following the basic Emmaus model, recovering used goods to repurpose them for social good. The items recovered are sorted and repaired before being distributed to institutions such as medical centres, hospitals and schools, as well as to poor families. Some of the donations, including coats and shoes, are specifically allocated to poor farmers in the Andean areas.

The association also sells basic goods at symbolic prices to the poor people in the local area and offers assistance with social rehousing and employment, helping unemployed people look for work in various sectors such as cooking, painting or cleaning.

Key figures


  • 3 volunteers
  • 2 companions
  • 35 people benefited from the employment service
  • 55 benefited from donations
  • 180 families were helped following floods
areas of activity


  • Recycling and reuse
  • Shelter/housing




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