Emmaus International

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Calle 5 Sur N°7A-30
Barrio El Albergue
Valle del Cauca
Guadalajara de Buga

+57 3117 79 08 94
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Based near a slum where there was no school at all, Emmaus Buga set up a school in the year 2000, in partnership with a local solidarity organisation. 60 teenagers attend the school, preparing to take their exams, as well as 40 younger children aged 4 to 6. Emmaus Buga employs 3 teachers to teach the children.

In the community, companions buy recyclable materials (plastic, glass, cardboard) at low prices then sell it on to businesses in Cali. Emmaus Buga also collects second-hand clothing and sells it in its second-hand goods shop. As for other areas of activity, volunteers provide companions with training in repairing used goods, sewing and dressmaking, woodwork, cooking and IT.

The Buga community also offers training on environmentally-friendly farming practices and applies these principles at its own farm, where crops such as tomatoes, maize and fruits are grown, and livestock such as chicken and rabbits are raised, helping to feed the community.

Key figures


  • 4 buildings on the grounds of a 30,000m2 former horse farm
  • 100 children attending the group's school.
Areas of activity


  • Recycling and reuse
  • Agriculture
  • Education




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