Emmaus International

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Carte Colombie

First organisation: 1978
National delegate:
Gustavo Cano (Pereira)
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+57 63 23 35 26
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Flavio Veronesi, an Italian monk, was involved in founding Emmaus in Bilbao in Spain. In the late 1970s, his superiors sent him to Colombia, where he decided to introduce the Emmaus movement. Recycling work proved impossible in the port of Buenaventura on the country’s Pacific coast. The poorest members of the local community were small-scale fishermen. Veronesi therefore created the community of Emmaus fishermen in a small hut built on stilts, along with a neighbour, La Negra, who kept a watchful eye over the boat and equipment, and a fisherman, El Cauca, who remained actively involved for over 20 years.





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