Emmaus International


Fortin Los Pozos 845
3500 Resistencia

+54 37 22474441
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Emmaus Resistencia has 18 companions, 5 of whom live within the community. The group's main area of activity when it comes to raising funds is second-hand goods: these goods are collected, using a van; sorted; repaired if necessary; then sold at reasonable prices by the companions. The Resistencia community also donates clothing and food to the least privileged. In addition, the group collects plastic and cardboard in order to sell it on to recycling companies.

The funds raised allow the group to carry out its work in support of society. Emmaus Resistencia works closely with various organisations and universities in the region, particularly on the issues of recycling, access to healthcare and culture.

Key figures


  • 18 companions
  • 5 of whom live in the community
  • 124 friends
Areas of activity


  • Recycling, reuse
  • Housing
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