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Bermúdez 235
A. del Valle y Londres
1852 BURZACO Alte. Brown 

+54 11 42990725
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The Burzaco community's main area of activity is education: since 1985, its Casa del Niño has been supporting the education of 400 children, aged 2 to 16, from underprivileged families in Ministro Rivadavia. The smallest children are cared for at the nursery school and crèche "Los Pollitos", while the teenagers have access to a wide range of art, cultural and sports workshops, as well as learning support.

Emmaus Burzaco aims to give the children something to do at the end of the school day and to give them the confidence they need to make plans for their futures. The Instituto Técnico Emmaus, the group's technical college, offers training in electrics, mechanics, sewing and dressmaking and hairdressing to people of all ages. Emmaus Burzaco is a community where companions can not only work but also live. Companions collect recyclable materials (paper, metal, glass) and sell them at second-hand goods shops, raising funds to pay for the group's educational activities.

Key figures


  • 400 children attend the Casa del Niño every year
  • more than 300 meals are served every day
Areas of activity


  • Recycling and reuse
  • Education




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