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Carte Ukraine

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First organisation: 2001
National delegate: Natalia Mysula
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+380 322 96 33 03
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The Oselya community was set up in 2001 in Lviv, in the west of Ukraine to help the homeless and peo-ple with addictions. In 2003 it became a community providing a home and work for people in need, en-abling them to help each other out, regain their dignity and give meaning to their lives. Their first public action was a Christmas meal in 2003 for homeless people. For several years, they were the only organi-sation in the region working in this field. The community publishes Prosto Neba, sold by the homeless and unemployed people. It’s a member of the international network of street newspapers. The community became a member of Emmaus International in 2010.





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