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Located in Ticino, near the border with Italy, the Emmaus Ticino community is currently home to 15 companions, all men. They do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling used goods at low prices. As well as the main site, where the group's 15 companions live, the community has a second house with 5 bedrooms which is used to provide temporary shelter for vulnerable women or couples in need. These rooms are also used to house visitors and Emmaus companions travelling through the Ticino region. Finally, the Emmaus Ticino community collaborates with many other local organisations, providing logistical and practical support to some of them.

key figures


  • 15 companions (all men)
  • 5 volunteers
  • 1 or 2 containers sent to Emmaus groups in Africa every year, partnership with Emmaus Benebnooma (Burkina Faso) to sponsor the education of children from poor families
areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling and reuse




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