Emmaus International

Jura 5

Chemin Crêt des Pierres 11 CH-2926 Boncourt JU

+41 (0)32 475 54 55
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After Abbé Pierre's 1959 speech in Porrentruy (Jura), a group of people started to raise funds for lepers and for the people of Biafra (southern Nigeria) and Rwanda. In 1963 Emmaus Jura was established. In 1977, the group opened its first second-hand shop and, in 1986, it moved to its current premises. Today, the Emmaus Jura committee of friends comprises 3 employees and 40 volunteers who do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling second-hand goods at low prices. Located close to the French border, the Emmaus Jura second-hand shop covers two floors and attracts as many French shoppers as Swiss. The proceeds from the shop allow the community to send containers to Emmaus groups in Benin (Tohouè and Pahou), Burkina Faso (ESO) and Poland (Lublin). Finally, Emmaus Jura supports Emmaus International's solidarity initiatives and provides both financial and practical support to Swiss and French families in need.

key figures


  • 3 employees
  • 40 volunteers
  • 1 1,470m2 second-hand shop over 2 floors
areas of activity


  • Recycling and reuse




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