Emmaus International

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First organisation: 1956
National organisation:
Fédération Emmaüs Suisse – Bolligenstrasse 16 – Postfach 406 – CH-3000 Berne 25
National delegate:
Gérard Corpataux (Lausanne Emmaus community)
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+41 (0) 21 731 27 28
Member organisations: 10


From an early age, Marcel Farine was actively involved in the political, social and religious spheres. He and his wife, Thérèse went to Abbé Pierre’s conference, “Poverty judges the world” in Berne in February 1956. They were moved by his message, “I ask you to give something that is harder to give than your wealth: give more of yourselves”, and were drawn to meet him. Two days later, during freezing weather, more than 200 people took part in the first emergency action, donating coal, clothing, ovens and food to 850 families. This is how the Emmaus Friends of Berne was set up. Marcel Farine was elected the first chair of Emmaus International in 1971. 





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