Emmaus International

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Strada Paris, nr. 25
440073 Satu Mare

Tel : +40 (0) 261 730 006
+40 (0) 361 882 472
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In the Satu Mare region of Romania, Emmaus Satu Mare, a member of Emmaus International since May 2015 supports programmes for the reintegration of young people who have been in care.
The organisation has set up a community where around ten young disadvantaged people live and work, provides scholarships for students, and collaborates with several centres and schools in the area.
The young people the organisation works with don’t have any family support or material resources. Some also have a disability. The community gives them security and stability, helping them to prepare for the future with a personalised vocational plan.
Since April 2011, they’ve launched a variety of activities including a solidarity fast-food outlet, a second hand shop, a repairs workshop, an environmentally-friendly car wash, a pottery workshop, a sewing workshop and a travelling shop. The young people also receive training in France and Romania in cookery, pottery and hygiene.

Key figures


  • 30 young people
  • 5 employees
  • 5 interns
areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling/reuse
  • Education




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