Emmaus International

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Carte Pologne

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First organisation: 1996
National delegate:
Gregorz Hajduk (Brat Albert)
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+48 18 443 89 80
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After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the Emmaus Cologne community contacted many different people and organisations in East Germany and Eastern Europe. That’s how Emmaus International was first introduced to Zbigniew Drazkowski in 1992. Based in Lublin, he was devoted to improving the lives of physically and mentally disabled people, considered sub-human. He set up a foundation, Między Nami (Among us) and opened a centre running therapeutic workshops. This collaboration led to the development of his action and an Emmaus community was then opened in 1996.





 thumb Pologne Atelier artisanat Emmaus Lublin 1996
thumb Pologne 2004 09 22 Lublin 77
 thumb Pologne 2004 09 21 Lublin 13