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Feniks 2

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NL-5932 NA Tegelen

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Emmaus Feniks was the last Dutch group to join Emmaus International, becoming a full member in 2011. The group named itself after the phoenix, since it aims to give people a new lease of life after an ordeal. Housed in a former monastery that used to accommodate 90 monks, the 16 companions carry out the usual work of Emmaus communities: collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices. Emmaus Feniks also has an organic farm where it grows fruit and vegetable crops and farms chickens and pigs. Some of the farm’s produce is used for the group’s own daily consumption and some of it is sold.   
The monastery, which is over a century old, has been restored, enabling Emmaus Feniks to accommodate other Emmaus groups, particularly for conferences. Lastly, the group supports other organisations in Eastern Europe, some of which are members of Emmaus International.

key figures


  • 16 companions
  • 15 volunteers
areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling and reuse




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