Emmaus International

Eindhoven 1

Genneperweg 11
NL-5654 AG Eindhoven

+31 (0)40 252 75 27
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Emmaus Eindhoven is a community where 10 companions live and work. With help from 40 volunteers, the companions carry out the traditional work of Emmaus communities of collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices. The group is also assisted by a group of young people who help out at the second-hand shop every Saturday. The companions at Emmaus Eindhoven tend a garden and run a café that offers a selection of homemade food. The group uses income from its activities to support Dutch organisations working for peace, and a carpentry workshop in South Africa.

key figures


  • 10 companions
  • 40 volunteers
  • 1 second-hand shop
areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling and reuse




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