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Emmaus Domstad is located in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and has been a member of Emmaus International since May 2015. The organisation is made up of staff members, companions and volunteers. Together, they carry out the traditional work of Emmaus communities of collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices.
Emmaus Domstad has three sites: companions live and work at the Emmaus Parkwijk community, whilst Emmaus Lombok and Emmaus Overvecht are where the depot, repair workshops and second-hand shop are located. Every summer, the community hosts an international work camp, during which participants get involved in the community’s work.
The community supports the homeless and migrants, as well as partner organisations in Utrecht in order to reinforce the fight against poverty. The members of the community are also involved in setting up a food bank.

key figures


  • 12 companions
  • 80 volunteers
areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling/reuse
  • Migrants´ rights