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Catanzaro 1

Via Carlo V, 72
I-88100 Catanzaro

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Emmaus Catanzaro recently joined Emmaus International (in April 2013 along with Treviso) and is not actually a community; instead it is a working group of 32 volunteers. They do traditional Emmaus community work: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling donated goods at affordable prices. The group uses the income generated by its second-hand shop, which opened in 2002, to run two day centres for needy people. These centres offer mediation with the public services, a free legal service, free healthcare in partnership with a medical school, clothing, food etc Moreover, an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Justice allows the group to accommodate 15 people every year who have been convicted of minor offences and help them to reintegrate into society. Finally, Emmaus Catanzaro supports the Lake Nokoué water access project (Benin).

key figures


  • 32 volunteers
  • 15 people convicted of minor offences are taken in every year
areas of activity


  • Recycling
  • Shelter
  • Health




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