Emmaus International


Peter-Launten Strasse 3
D-47803 Krefeld

+49 (0)2151 39 67 95
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The 12 companions at Emmaus Krefeld live in a building the group bought in 1995. They carry out the traditional work of Emmaus communities – collecting, sorting through, repairing and selling goods at low prices in their second-hand shop located near the accommodation. The companions also provide a full house clearance and small removals service. They collect scrap metal from private individuals and companies, which they then sell to specialist companies. Emmaus Krefeld is also very much involved in international migration issues. The community works with various collectives of organisations that tackle racism and support refugees and workers in unstable employment. Krefeld is involved in these collectives’ discussions and events.

Key figures


  • 12 companions
  • 1 second-hand shop
Areas of activity


  • Housing
  • Recycling and reuse
  • International migration




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