Emmaus International

Koln guffantihaus

Geestemünder Strasse 42 - D-50735 Köln

Tel.: +49 (0)221 971 17 31
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Emmaus Cologne is a community where 15 companions live and work. With they help of 100 volunteers work they carry out the traditional activities of Emmaus communities: collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices.

The community has a warehouse and a second-hand store in a 5000 m2 building and a second shop located in the city centre.

The group also prepares and distributes soup to homeless people in the evenings.
Lastly, Emmaus Cologne has been helping to send containers since 1988. Six to seven containers are sent each year to Emmaus groups in Eastern Europe, making a substantial contribution to their development

Key figures


  • 15 companions
  • 100 volunteers
  • two second-hand shops.


  • Shelter
  • Recycling.




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